Plastic Surgery During the Pandemic


What is plastic surgery like during coronavirus and how have things changed

It is no secret; COVID19 has changed the world and likely changed the tourism industry forever. But with all the stress, is there a silver lining? With so many people now working from home and the freedom to work remotely, is now the best time to have that cosmetic procedure done that you always wanted?

Cosmetic procedures were on the rise in 2019 with over 18 million procedures in the US alone. Obviously, the numbers were down in 2020 due to the pandemic, but now, with the vaccine available and the end in sight, is now the best time to get work done?

Personally, I say yes. Now, hear me out. It is approximately 6-8 weeks till hot girl/guy summer which is generally the healing time for a lot of major/invasive procedures. Let's go over some of the healing periods for many common procedures.


If I were to recommend getting one procedure above all performed in Korea, it is Rhinoplasty. It is one of the top surgeries performed in the country and for good reason. The surgeons here are amazing and perform 10,000s a year. Their expertise for noses compares to none. They use an array of different techniques to make you the perfect nose, unique and perfectly proportioned to your face.

Downtime: Roughly 6 weeks. Just in time for summer!


Many do not realize, but liposuction is a process. I would know. I just had it done yesterday. While you can see an immediate difference in some places like your arms, "Goodbye batwings!". It generally takes 1-3 weeks for swelling to dissipate, 4-6 weeks for results, and you will continue dropping for up to a year!

Downtime: 1 day for activities. 3 weeks for swelling. 4-6 weeks for noticeable results!

Breast Augmentation:

One of the top procedures performed around the world, breast augmentation, lifts, & reductions are a go-to for many. Whether it is to help relieve back pain, give yourself a new boost of confidence, it is a procedure you will be able to find a specialist for to meet your needs. Something I learned recently as I am considering getting a lift performed, I can add mini-implants on top of my existing breast to give them more upper pole volume! It is number one for a reason!

Downtime: 1 month to return to daily activity. 6 months to fully healed. Bikini body here we come!

Blepharoplasty aka eyelid surgery:
Many may have blepharoplasty performed on the upper or lower lids for cosmetic reasons or to improve vision if the skin is obscuring vision. Skin under the eyes, eye bags may be removed during the procedure giving a more youthful look and feeling. 

Downtime: 10-14 days to regular activity. Full heal 3-4 weeks. Goodbye sunglasses!


As we get older, aging may take its toll. One may opt for a facelift to renew their spirits and reverse the signs of aging. The procedure focuses on the lower two-thirds of the face, removing excess skin, tightening, and smoothing out wrinkles.

Downtime: 2-4 weeks. Hello beach!

New world; new you! I know I am coming out of this pandemic a brand new and revitalized person. If you have been considering getting work done and want to know more about any procedure, please request a free consultation. We are happy to work with you to find the right clinic for your needs!